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Take a vacation in a motorhome

Plan a Romantic Motorhome Holiday

If you’re looking for the ultimate Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift to wow your other half then motorhome hire could be just what you’re looking for!

Old favourites like socks, jewellery and chocolates are all very well for everyday occasions, but if you want a gift that will truly amaze then why not whisk your loved one away on a romantic adventure in a motorhome!

Take a vacation

When you’re planning a surprise romantic holiday, it’s essential to spend as much quality time with your other half as possible. Jetting off for a foreign city break can be fun, but the process of getting there is stressful and exhausting. When you choose motorhome hire in the UK instead, your  vacation starts the minute you get behind the wheel.

Taking a break in a motorhome offers a sense of freedom that no other holiday can. Travel the B roads and back roads to discover hidden gems throughout the British countryside, or speed down the motorway to your favourite seaside destination and pitch up. When you’re in a motorhome the world is your oyster!

Holidaying at home is more popular than ever and a fabulous motorhome is the ideal way to explore this green and pleasant land and spend that all important quality time with the one you love in a destination that they’ll adore.

Three Romantic Motorhome Holidays with a Twist

Loch Ness – If you’re other half is obsessed with conspiracy theories, alien invasions and unidentifiable animals in the woods then Loch Ness is a great destination. Surrounded by the stunningly rugged landscape of the Scottish Highlands, Loch ness provides mystery, intrigue and some of the most breath taking vistas in the world.

Thorpe Park – Adrenalin junkies will adore a surprise trip to Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey, but you can kill two birds with one stone by camping nearby and taking advantage of all the other great attractions that the area has to offer, including a plethora of walks and nature trails and a ¼ scale steam railway on which you can take a magical trip through the woods.

Jersey – Sometimes you just can’t beat a bit of blazing sunshine but when you choose motorhome hire you can combine the welcoming warmth of a holiday abroad with the quaint, traditional atmosphere of a traditional seaside town. There are plenty of places to pitch up in Jersey from large family complexes complete with added extras like pools, restaurants and entertainment, to small hidden hideaways where you can relax and unwind in pleasant and tranquil surroundings.

Choose Motorhome Hire for your Romantic Break

If you’re looking for a gift that your loved one will never forget then what could be better than organising a romantic break just for them?

Whether you’re celebrating your first year of marriage, marking a 50th birthday or embarking a second honeymoon, when you choose motorhome hire you can plan your perfect holiday and enjoy spending time with your other half doing the things you love.