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Motorhome hire in England

When looking to plan your next holiday, why not try something different?  With accelerated flight prices, excess baggage and expensive property and maintenance costs, the price of a holiday abroad is certainly on the increase.  Motorhoming is an excellent way to travel and visit places on home soil, and it needn’t be as expensive as you might think.

When looking to hire a motorhome for your holiday, how do you choose the one that is right for you?   This depends on your individual criteria, for example, how many are travelling?  Do you want to bring pets?  Are you smokers?  What are you using your motorhome for?  These might seem simple enough questions, but these are essential to establish what you book and who you book with.  Many companies will not offer motorhomes to smokers, or allow pets.  If you are using a motorhome for attending a music festival, look for companies that offer this, as some may charge higher insurance premiums for this service.

Any reputable company will give you answers to these questions when you enquire about hiring a home.  Most carry comprehensive motor insurance for UK mainland drivers and you will more than likely have to pay a damage deposit, which is often the cost of the excess of the insurance policy.

First time motorhomer?  Don’t worry, a trustworthy company, when hiring out a vehicle for the first time, will run through the fittings with you for at least an hour.  It is in the company’s interests to ensure that you are comfortable with the motorhome before you embark on your journey.

So, you’ve booked your motorhome and want to visit some top attractions in London.  What do you do next?  London is, of course, the UK’s busiest city and trying to park a motorhome may not only be expensive,  ie congestion charges, but trying to find a place to park, especially during peak holiday times, can prove almost impossible.  There are many campsites that are near to central London and offer excellent public transport so you don’t have to worry about driving into the City to visit top hot spots.

One site to try is the Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site.   Open to members and non-members, this site provides a bus service that is only five minutes’ walk away and the centre of London is within one mile’s reach.  It is also situated in the London low emission zone.  Similarly is Lee Valley Campsite near Epping Forest, this is also within London’s low emission zone and you can be in the centre of London within 40 minutes.

 So, if you want to visit the London Eye, Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London, planning to stay at one of these campsites will make your holiday stress free. You can drive through some of the beautiful countryside that England has to offer as well as combining it with a London City break.  And with no London hotel charges and parking costs, it really is the best of both worlds.